HPUX 11.23 error message to load drivers

I have an HP RX2660 server running HP-UX 11.23 and I am trying to load the drivers for the AccelePort Xr 920 Universal PCI (3.3V & 5V) 2-port RS-232 DB-9M on board 77000573.
It is giving me an error message when I run the swinstall.
“Currently, there are no products on this source which are compatible with the target. Therefore, no products are shown.”
This is a beta test for a serial card for 100-200 servers.
Need a little help.

There is no driver support under HPUX 11.23 or 11.31. Itanium support is not available.

There are a couple different options:

  1. HP has an OEM version of the adapter with a built-in driver that supports the board under 11.23/11.31 on the Itanium.

You could buy the card from HP, and it would work.

  1. You could purchase a Digi Terminal Server (ethernet based product), and use RealPort.

  2. Contact your Digi Sales Representative for alternatives or to pursue a Special Project Request for possible driver support development.