help needed with high speed point to point wireless data transfer

Hi All

I have a system of sensors which is sampled every 5ms. So i get 25 bytes of data every 5ms. I need to develop a system which continously transmit data thourgh wireless and is received by the receiver or PC ( mostly PC ). I have tried xbee series 1 modules for this but at high speed of 115K, the data loss is found to be 10%.

So I am wondering If i can use a xbee wifi module like S6B which has a minimum datarate of 1mbps. what do you people recommend? how easy it is to use S6b or similar type of modules for highspeed data transmission. is it similar to Xbee series 1 in setup? Thanks

Yes, in the most basic sense of the term, it is relatively easy to set up and use. For a point to multi-point connection, you will need to use a WIFI access point or router to allow for more than 1 XBee WIFI module to connect.