Xbee Speed

Hi there!

I am working on a college project and I’m using the Xbee Pro S1.

In my project I’m trying to move objects at Real-Time Motion. Since the fastest I can go is 200 Hz (Hardware limitation), I will be running at this Speed. Now this means each 5 ms I read 60 new Data (1.5MHz I2C connection) and send them to my Xbee (RS232 57 600 Bauds) to an DsPic33FJ128MC802 that will apply some Mathematics formulas and resend it to my motors.

Now here is the problem: Each Byte that i send toward my Xbee takes about 3-5ms to reach my other Xbee. Now as you could see above I’m getting 60 new datas each 5ms this means my Xbee is way too slow. Is there any way changing the transmissionr ate between 2 Xbee’s?? They will be about 1m (1.5 Max) distance between them.

Thanx Sascha

I don’t know of anything. All Xbee work at a fixed RF speed. Plus the need to back-off and retry means it coudl 2 or 3 times longer to move data.

I’m not even sure WiFi can handle 5msec ‘updates’ (without causing your college friends to linch you because you kill all of the iPhone/Android tools :slight_smile: )

You may need to look at some some very ‘dumb’ RF streamers which just stream bits without retry or recovery. Then you’d need to make your sender & receiver smart enough to recover (probably skip) lost data.