Help with frames

Hello all,

This is my first attempt at xBee modules. For my project I need to send and receive data to a remote board. Since Wifi is available at the location, I thought xBee modules may be the solution.

So, after getting an evaluation kit, configuring a module and running the “getting started” guide, which is pretty basic, I’m trying to send remote commands to the module.

But this is where it is getting confusing. One solution is to have another xBee send an API frame to my remote xBee; this would probably work, but I’m trying to connect to the xBee directly over Wifi.

Manual says (page 34) that I should assemble a specific packet, then send it using UDP to port 0xBEE.

Can anyone share more details on this ?

Thanks in advance.

After a good night’s sleep, the answers came in loud and clear… Everything works out, and the module is sending and receiving UDP packets.