x6b xbee ability to use AT commands via the wifi using API frames

Hi All

I am using xbee x6b wifi module. I am communicating directly via wifi between my laptop and 1 xbee module. Its working fine but I want to know is there any method to alter parameters on the xbee using API frames or otherwise via the wifi port. It seems that regardless what frame format I send via the laptop the xbee only treats it as though it were frame B0.

Secondly which parameters would speed up response times on the xbee pro 2 and xbee x6b modules. As I have an xbee pro 1 modules and the former two modules dont respond as fast is there some validation process I can disable giving this slightly slower response time?

Many thanx


Yes, if you follow the API section of the manual you will be able to modify any of the radios AT commands remotely.

The XBee ZB modules are not designed for speed. Other than setting the baud rate, there is very little you can do to speed them up. (See the throughput section of the manual for the S2B ZB module).

As for the WIFI module, that has to do with your protocol and the timeout that are offered in that protocol.