How can I configure XBee Pro S3B XBP9B ?

I had XBEE Pro S2C and I used to configure them like the link above.

But I didn’t understand the functions and settings of Pro S3B.
I am trying to configure them but I can’t? Could Someone help me?
My aim is sending GPS value through XBEE Pro S3B with Arduinos.
I did it in PRO S2C with help of the link above.
But I didn’t understand the configuration of S3B.
What is the XBP9B-DP , XBP9B-DM , XBP9B-XC. Which function I should use for this.

You should use the XBP9B-DP and API mode.

“XBP9B-XC” is our legacy XSC firmware. It isn’t recommended for new designs anymore. You can therefore rule this one out.

“XBP9B-DM” firmware supports mesh network on our propitiatory ‘DigiMesh’ protocol. It will provide better throughput on cost of lesser point-to-point transmit range when compare with “XBP9B-DP” firmware.

“XBP9B-DP” don’t support mesh & have lower throughput. However, it would be an ideal firmware if you require long distance, low transmission without any hopping node in between.

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