How can I create VPN tunnel between Digi TransPort WR21 an Sonicwall Firewall

I need to create a tunnel between a WR21 and a Sonicwall firewall, I already have the WAN IP addresses and the LAN IP addresses. I try to create one base on the “Digi Connect Family Application guide, How to Create a VPN between Digi Connect and Sonicwall”, but it didn´t work so I need some help to make it work.

Do you know if your WR21 is the Enterprise version (capable of VPN, as opposed to the Standard version)?

Yes, it is the Enterprise version, It´s the WR21-L11B-DE1-SW

I’m afraid I don’t see any VPN documentation specific to Sonicwalls.

VPNs are basically a matter of ensuring that the settings on both sides are matched up with each other 100%.

You may be able to get some general guidance by following some of the documentation related to other devices, just keeping in mind that you’d need to determine where the appropriate Sonicwall settings are located.

It would be useful to know what kind of VPN tunnel you’re trying to setup too, for example IPSec or OpenVPN. There are some general instructions for each on the Digi TransPort website, under TransPort documentation.

If this doesn’t help, I suggest creating a support case with Digi.