How can I develop a driver on a NS9210 FIM

I would like to develop a specific driver on a FIM on a NS9210, under NET+OS 7. This driver will encode and decode radio frames.
I haven’t found any detailed documentation about FIM but what I have understood is that 2 FIM are embedded on the NS9210 chip and com from Microchip IPs. I suppose they are 2 MCU with their own FMASH and RAM memories.

  • 1st : question : where could we find the datasheet ? What are the FIM features (memories sizes, PLL configuration, …). Is it possible to develop with Microchip assembler instruction set, and so which one ? PIC16, PIC18, … ?

I seems that only 8 GPIO are available from FIM (GPIO0 to GPIO7)

  • 2ns question : is it possible to use any of these GPIO for really general purpose (for example one to send a signal, another to receive a digital signal)

3rd question : how does the executable code is generated ? Can the code source be compiled and linked with ESP ?
Can it be debuugged wthrough JTAG interface ?
It seems that the executable can be generated in a C source file with a tool named genpicprog. Where can I find it and how to use it ?

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately Digi does not provide any means for the developers to develop their own firmware for the FIMs. you are limited to FIM drivers already created.

Thanks for your reply.