how can i download dynamic c 9.62 for my BL 2100 board?

i have a BL2100 board , so i would like to upload,

You can find the Dynamic 9.62 with all patches on Digi’s website at the support link below:
Go to:
Development Software and Sample Code

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It will be possible to change the download link to a .zip or .rar, when tryning to download the chrome and IE are saying there is virus and deliting the file because is a .exe

This is a Windows Defender issue.
You can download the file by following the instructions on the video below:

I just tested with Chrome on Windows 7 (with Windows Defender installed) and did not see any errors. We had seen this problem around July 2017, and updated the installer with one that is digitally signed, and it seemed to resolve the issue.

Can you provide some more details on the error? Maybe get a screen shot of it, or type the exact message you’re seeing? Are you running a third-party virus scanner?

Even if the download used a ZIP or RAR file, I would expect the virus protection to trigger when you extract the EXE from the archive and attempt to run it.