How can I get RSSI? (XSC module)

When I use 2.4ghz xbee pro module, I didn’t touch any setting, It works normal(can get rssi data). Yesterday, I set xsc and 868 module in xbib-u and get rssi data. But rssi data has some problem. It didn’t decrease by length. So If I want to RSSI data for xsc module, how can I do?

The RSSI value can be queried using the ATDB command. The XSC has about 4 times the range and the 868 module has even better range than that over your 2.4Ghz radio in the same environment. Maybe you simply didn’t travel far enough for DB register to change?

Additionally, because RSSI in general will report not only the signal of the receive packet, but also any interference in the area as part of the reading, it might be possible that the area you are in is highly concentrated with other noise which artificially inflates your RSSI reading. packet percentage is a much better indicator of reliability.