How can I get the RSSI value of a message from an ED in my programmable router ?

Hello team,

I am using the CodeWarrior Dev Studio IDE to program my router. I would like to get the RSSI value of the last received packet from an ED.

I know how to get the IEEE address, the network address, the message (payload) but I don’t know how to get the RSSI.

How can I do that ?

Thanks in adance

You need to query the ATDB command of the router just after receiving the data payload.

Thanks, I will try

Is there an other way to do that ? Because it’s takes time for the router to enter in command mode, send the command, wait the answer and exit the command mode no ?
I receive 10 frames / second
Thanks for your help mvut !

Try using the API interface instead of transparent mode. You can get the data you want without having to enter command mode. Or you can decrease the Guard time values to speed the process up.