How can I know if my Xbee is programmable ?

Hello guys,

I am sorry to ask this stupid question, but my team and I are wondering if we bought a programmable Xbee or not.

Lots of topics on forums spread confusion…

How can we know if it is an programmable one ?

Is the Xbee Pro S2B programmable ?

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The best possible way is to look at the part number of the module.

If the module part number has a 2nd B in it located as the 4th to last digit instead of a -, it is a Programmable module.

IE: XBP24Z7SITB004 - Programmable

XBP24Z7SIT-004 - Not Programmable.


Thanks for your answer

can you tell me what the difference is between “A” and “B” in this position?

Is is not an “A” in that position I am referring to. It is an “-” that would be in the position instead.

I realize that. your post is clear. thanks.

I have two radios which i believe are programmable, one has an A and one has a B where you specified. What is the difference?