how to tell the difference between programmable and non-programmable xbee S2C module

I’m planning to buy an XBee S2C but I cant tell the difference between the standalone which is programmable and the non-programmable module.

The best way is to look at the Part numbers. A non Programmable module’s part number will be something like XB24CZ7PIT-004. That Same part number as a Programmable module would be XB24CZ7PITB004.

Notice the second B just before the 004. That is the 4th character from the end. If that is a -, then it is a standard module. But if that 4th character is a B, it is Programmable.

XB24CZ7PIT-004 - Non Programmable
XB24CZ7PITB004 - Programmable

Can someone please help me to know if my module is programmable or not ?
I am using the DIGI XBEE CELLULAR 3G GLOBAL Development Kit.The following details are mentioned on the digiXbee module :
DIGI XBee Cellular 3G
XBC-M5-UT-101 B
S# 08J8BAP87NQ4
IC: 8595A-1CGM5NNN

Thanks in advance.