Xbee Zigbee parts...regular part vs PROGRAMMABLE part?

I see 2 part number versions for say the UFL antenna SMT module parts…
XB24CZ7UIS -004 and XB24CZ7UIS -003

The first is showing Xbee…the second show "programmable xbee?

I am working with the Meshkit, loading Python programs…which part am I actually using?

FYI- The part marking on the module I am using is showing: IC: 1846A-XBEE3 XB3-24Z8US-J Rev U
and this doesnt match either of the parts above?

How would I order this module I am using now?

What is the difference between the two parts?

Can I download a program to both…not sure what the advantage or disadvantage is for one or the other?


No, neither of the two part numbers are programmable modules. The best way to know if it is or not is as follows:

XB24CZ7UIS-004 The - after the UIS and before the last 3 characters is where the change occurs. For the Programmable version, the - is replaced with a B character. For example:
Programmable XBee Zigbee Through-Hole (PCB Antenna) XB24CZ7PITB003

Thanks for replying…

What exactly does programmable mean then? what is different about that part ?

I mean I am loading and reloading a python pgm to the module I have, but I think it is not considered programmable?

The meshkit part nums I am using (from the meshkit) are: 1846A-XBEE3 XB3-24Z8US-J Rev U …
Is that the part number that would be needed to order?


Programmable means that a secondary processor is added to the XBee and placed between the XBee modules external pins and the RF processor. It is designed to allow customers who would be using a small 32k processor externally the ability to reduce the number of items for their design.

Yes, the part number you would want to order is XB3-24Z8US-J