Is firmware configuration encoded in the last digit of the part number?

I’m having a hard time decoding Digi part numbers. Distributors show multiple variants of the same part, e.g. XB24-Z7PIT-002, XB24-Z7PIT-003, XB24-Z7PIT-004, etc. Is this the same part with different firmware configuration: router, end device, AT, API, etc.? Is there a comprehensive part number guide somewhere?

Hi Paul,

Out of those 3 part numbers, the only one I see on the Digi website is 004 and the description is “XBee ZB low power ZigBee module w/ PCB antenna”.

Here’s the link I’m referring to:

I did some more digging and see somewhere (Digi, internally) that 004 is referred to as XBee, ZB Router AT. In that same area, 003 is referred to as XBee, ZB Router API, and 002 is referred to as XBee, ZB Coor AT.

In all honesty, I am far from an expert on XBee but hope this information helps you better understand these XBee part numbers. If you still need more info, I might suggest contacting Digi RF sales.

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Thank you for looking this up. It confirms my suspicion that these are just different firmware options.

Yes that is exactly what it is. The last number indicates what firmware version was installed. At one point, you could find it listed at but it may no longer be listed on the web. If it is not, simply call Digi RF Sales and they should be able to tell you.

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