Where can I find an part number breakdown for XBee products (including XB3 and prior)?

Developing a product specification for our use of the XBee product line and need to be as inclusive as possible. Need to identify all usable parts from both the XB3 and XBee S2C offerings. I cant find the secret decoder ring for the XB24C family. Particularly the -### sufffix. Already have XB24C figured out, also the following A/Z7/DM, P/S/R/U/W, I, and T/S. I can’t find any good documentation of the occasional B or the 3 digits at the end. If there is a master part number break down it would be a great help. The majority of parts I deal with include a part number break down in the datasheet.

Jim, Talk to your Digi account manager. They should be able to help you with that.

The B at the end of a part number such as XB24C7ZSITB003 means that it is a Programmable module. What that means is that it includes a secondary NXP processor for custom code to reside.

Thx for the knowledge on the B. Really do wish they had a decoder ring.