How can I reset the Wireless Driver ?

Hello my friends, is it possible to start the Wireless Driver again? I set new parameters with wln_set_params and would like to start the Wireless Driver with these new parameters again. How can I do it ?

In NET+OS 6.3 with wireless patch and later, there are functions called wln_start and wln_stop.

I use NETOS6.3 but I did not find the functions wlm_start and wln_stop. Is there an Update to NETOS6.3 with wireless patch ?


From the main landing page select support -> select your product -> patches.

Hello, I installed the package WirelessUpdateArm7_63 and BSPFixes_63. The functions wln_start and wln_stop were not installed. Which module do I have to install to be able to use the functions wln_start and wln_stop ?