Starting and stopping the wireless connection

I understood that kernel/driver tries to log on to the any accessible (in area, right SSID etc) wireless network all the time unless connected.

I would like to activate this feature by the application only when necessary so what is the correct way to

stop the existing connection?

stop the searching feature?

start the search feature again?

In my case the device spends it’s time allmost all the time within the range but I would like to lower access point traffic by not connecting any network and not obtaining any IP addresses.

I read the startup code and am familar how this works but I would like to be sure to do this by the correct way so that the stability of the NET OS does not get hit…

Check out the API reference guide under the wireless driver. If you’re using NET+OS 6.3, you’ll want to also get the wireless patch and the new API reference guide.

I was using older version of 6.3 and I updated the system to the 7.1 and got the information was searching.