wln_set_key() not working

I’m building an application for a connect wi-me with Netos74 and have applied the latest patches/updates. I have previous experience working with the wireless driver on Netos73 and Netos63, but noticed that wln_set_key() was added to the API in Netos74. In my application, I’m trying to change the wpa key by calling wln_set_key() but it’s not working.

This is my setup. I have a linksys wireless router with ssid=“Connect”, WPA2 TKIP+AES encryption, wpa passphrase=“iccdesigns”. In appconf.h I have set the default wpa passphrase to “wpapassphrase”. In applicationStart() I generate a new key for the phrase “iccdesigns”. Here’s my call to wln_set_key():

wln_set_key(naWlnGetWirelessHandle(BP_WLN_INTERFACE), WLN_KEY_TKIP, wlnParams.sta_addr, 0, FALSE, wlnParams.wpa_psk, sizeof(wlnParams.wpa_psk), NULL);

It returns 0 (success) but the connect wi-me never associates with the wireless network. If I change the linksys passphrase to “wpapassphrase”, the connect wi-me is able to connect to the network. So it appears that the new key did not take affect. Does anyone know if there’s anything else I need to do? I’ve attached root.c for reference.