How can the end device(xbee s2c) select his parents?

I use only S2C modules.

  1. S2C end device has one parent (MP)?
    There is two routers nearby a s2c end device.
    The length is the same.
    X-CTU shows 2 line two routers and the device respectively.
    But its MP is only one.

  2. Can a S2C end device change/select his parent in (1)?

  3. There is my situation as following.
    End devices are battery powered…
    RC4 end devices(e1,e2,e3,e4).
    I moved one end device(e1) to nearby R.
    Re1C3 end devices.
    But X-CTU shows that e1’s MP is C not R.
    I moved e1 to nearby R outside…
    RC3 end devices.
    But X-CTU shows that e1’s MP is C not R.

  4. I changed DO(Device options) of e1.
    DO=4 (best join, not first join)
    But there are the same.

In 3) and 4) I think when e1’s parent is R, the e1 to C’s network is stronger…I think e1’s parent should be R not C.
But I can’t do that…
How can I do that?

  1. I want to know how the end device select his parents in best wireless network automatically.

Yes all end devices only have 1 parent. That parent is the one that all messaging goes between for that end device.

If you want to control who the parent is, then you simply need to disable joining on your other parent nodes (NJ0) then power up your end device.

  1. End device has one parent. Then does it has one path for between other node communication and one end device?
    Does it have to use only his parent to communicate with other nodes?

X-CTU’s network side shows the multiple line between one end devices and its nearby routers/coordinator. Does it shows multiple path for end device? I am not sure…

For Zigbee end devices, All communications on the network that is either being sent by the end device or to the end device must pass thru the single parent of that end device.

You say NJ0 to select the specific parent of end device.
It seems easy…But it makes mistakes.
I have more than 3 layer network…C-R1-R2-E…
I did NJ0 for other nodes(Coordinator, R1).
And I did NJFF for R2, it is the parent of E.
But I have to set NJFF for C, R1 again so that other nodes to join C, R1.

Sometimes, I forgot to do it…

If I explain your methods, they only laugh at it…
It is easy for zigbee install workers to forget NJFF after they follow your policy(NJO).
It will make many mistakes for us…

That is what you must do if you want to have a multiple hop network and have all of them within range. Otherwise just leave NJ to FF and let the network determine it on its own.