How can we send a reboot command from a mobile device - WR11?

We are trying to send a reboot, or any, command to our WR11 from a mobile device. We have tried “reboot” and “modemstat info”, both which work fine within the Remote Manager interface. We are able to send SMS messages out of the device using “sendsms” but unable to reply to that message with a command.

Is there anything specific that we need to do to make this work?

You’re saying you want to be able to send a SMS from a phone for example to a WR11 to reboot it?

Yes. I am hoping that is a possibility. Ultimately I am just hoping that we can use SMS to reboot all of our WR11s, ATT and Verizon.

not sure if this works on WR11, here’s a guide on how to setup router to accept command from SMS.


from the mobile you should be able to send the reboot command and see an assosiated message in the eventlog.

by default it will not work as you have to enable the mobile phone you are trying from to be in the callerid field or a “*” to allow any inbound messages.

The phone number should include the country code so for me it would start 44 xxxx yyyyyy

modemcc 0 sms_callerid / sms_callerid_1 // sms_callerid_9



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