Remote sms commands not working

I have a couple of WR21-L51B-DE1-SU modems running on the Rogers and Bell networks here in Canada. I bought these types of modems as I would like to be able to remotely reboot them using sms. I have set up sms as per the Digi instructions but when I send the reboot command from my cell it is not processed. I have confirmed that both the sims can send and recieve sms messages when they are in a phone, I have confirmed that the reboot command works when I manually enter it in the modem, both modems are connected to their respective WWAN. The only message I see in the event logs is “07:31:42, 08 Feb 2015,code:298 reason:0,GPRS: Modem is running 3GPP2 but 3GPP network is registered. SMS w” but I cannot find anything when searching for 298.

What am I missing?

Thank you.


from the router you can send SMS with the command


this will validate that the router is connected to the network

if you send a command to the router it should show up in the eventlog if it has been received
if not can you post the commands in the configuration for


are you using single or dual SIM configuration ?
if so which sim is active ?