WR11XR and SMS remote admin intermittent issue.


I’m evaluating our first WR11XT but can’t get the remote SMS administration to work reliably.
We have 35+ WR41 and WR21 and never seen this issue.
Sometimes the router receives and executes the command and sometimes it seems the text never reaches the router.
Nothing in the log.

Sometimes the text is delivered after a delay and sometimes it helps sending several commands in a row.
Network seems connected since I can send SMS from the routers command sendsms.
Same issue on both and

Someone else seeing this or have any ideas?


Hi i would be interested to know what is the model number of the WR11?

Sorry, my bad.
Ment to include that in the initial post but missed it in the end.
I have p/n WR11-L700-DE1-XW (LTE-EU)

Best regards

Had another look at this today byt can’t figure it out. I sent “ppp 1 status” and got the reply on “modemstat ?” that I sent 30th of may!
This is very strange. I also made a factory reset and just ran the wizard and then added my number as “trusted” but issue remains. Sent “ppp 1 status” twise but get nothing in reply.

After lots of troubleshooting this issue identified and resolved in SarOS V7.0.3.5