How Change CLI Welcome Banner?

I have searched docs and global search through src files.

I cannot find where to change the CLI banner “Welcome to Digi’s Command Line Interface v1.0” to one of my own choosing.

Ideas? Thx.

– gw

a simple string search will bring you here:
#define NA_CLI_WELCOME_STRING “Welcome to Digi’s Command Line Interface v1.0”

Thanks, I did several text searches and came up empty (not a fan of ESP/Eclipse, I can hardly ever get searches to do what I want. Someday I’ll get it, but it’s just convoluted compared to other tools I use).

But, the fact that the setting is in that file brings me to another topic: best practice on editing those files which are common to all projects. I started a post on that a while back too:,7450

Any tips appreciated.

– gw

After more digging, the bottom line (for me) is that this is just a poorly implemented detail. It’s obvious a developer is going to want to change something like this banner to be something specific to his own application. A detail like this should be exposed with a function or project level variable, not a string constant hard coded in the OS API files.

So, AFAICT we’re stuck with editing the OS files and then managing the need to have that distributed to other developers on the team and conflict resolution with OS patches. The first problem can probably be solved by putting the entire
etos74 folder under version control, but patch merges will be a chore.