How connect a LCD display with VGA connector and touch screen 4 wires.‏

I’m working with a Wi-iMX53 and I connected a display with VGA connector and works. This display has a 4 wired touch screen and I want to cennect It but Idont know how. I was reading a lot and I read that the Wi-iMX53 has a DA9053 that is connect with a parallel LCD. I thinking in connect my touch screen to those DA9053 pins, but I dont know if that is dangerous or what. Can you helpme?

you have to figure out what interface your touchscreen is using (SPI? I2C?) and then connect it to the appropriate interface on the board, matching the pins and signals.

Hi, thanks for response.
I just have a touch screen sensor without controller with 4 wires (+x, -x, +y, -y) and I want to use the pmic controller of the Wi-iMX53 connectcore, and my question is where or how I connect It or if is possible connect It directly . The parallel LCD connector is connected to +x, -x, +y and -y pins of the pmic controller. My monitor is VGA. Is it possible connect It directly to those pins?

yes, looks like it should work