How do I accept IP connections on my S6B module?

I am using an Xbee S6B WiFi module and have written code to communicate with the S6B using API frames. I can send a frame with the ATMY command and receive a response indicating my IP address but I don’t receive RX IPv4 frames when I attempt to connect to my module from another computer on the network. Is there something I need to configure so that the S6B will accept incoming TCP connections on a specific port. I know about the ATCO command used to configure the communications service port but I was under the impression that that was only needed in transparent mode and I’m operating in API mode. How do I receive incoming TCP connections on the S6B?

I managed to make a connection from my PC to the Xbee module by using the port set by the ATCO command. Does the Xbee module only listen on that port even in API mode?