How do I configure the dest and source endpoints in API mode on an Xbee module?

I can see in the documentation that you use “DD” command to configure the “Device ID” and the “NI” command to configure the “Node ID”. But what commands do I use to configure “Source and Dest endpoints”?

I’m working in API mode in an Xbee S2C module.


You use the API explicit frames and the Explicit TX request frame. These frames allow you to provide the Source and destination End points and clusters as well as see them in the response or receive packet.

Wait, I’m confused. Now that you have mentioned this, I am indeed providing the source and destination endpoints when sending and receiving explicit frames.

The reason for this confusion is because I’m using both source and destination endpoints as 0x01 on my explicit Tx and Rx but the

command is returning 0xe8 as both source and destination endpoints.

So here is another question. What are 0xe8 source and dest endpoints and why are those reported when using the above command?

The E8 are the XBee modules UART end points and are set by the SE and DE commands. So when you query the value, it is going to give you what is set in the AT commands. Not what was used for the API explicit frame which only tells the radio that this data packet is to be sent to the 64 bit address, using this ZDO address.

Got it, thanks for the clarification!!