xbee api mode configuration

I am using the Zigbee module XBEEPRO2 to control motor with PIC microcontroller. I am configuring the xbee module on the development board. I don’t want to use development board I want to configure module through microcontroller. I am not getting any idea how to configure. By referring the datasheet it can be configured through AT commands for this the module must be in command mode. I want to use module in API mode.

In api mode iam sending the frame which contains Atcommand in it with api identifier 0x08.Iam using panID,node identifier,encryption enable,encryptionkey in end iam using write command all the parameters are written on the module correctly.when i put this module in application board. it is not communicating.

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Ramesh Rathod

If I understand you correctly, you are sending a frame which gets no response.

It would help if you could post the bytes of the frame in hex. Then we could see what you’re talking about.

Also make sure you have API firmware loaded on the XBee - such as “ZIGBEE ROUTER API” or “ZIGBEE END DEVICE API”. The AT firmware will not understand API frames.

If you have [ PIC -> XBee1 ] and your goal is to change settings in XBee1 using API frame 0x08, then XBee1 must use an API firmware.

If you have [ PIC -> XBee1 -> RF -> XBee 2 ] and your goal is to change settings in XBee2 using API frame 0x17, then XBee1 must use an API firmware. XBee2 can be anything.

I have got solution for xbee configuration problem but now I have another problem.that is 64 bit module address.

I am using the 64bit xbee module address to communicate with the xbee modules.I am using the 1 Master and 2 slaves Master has got both slave xbee module 64 bit Address in it and each slave has got masters xbee module 64 bit address. for 1st 50 msec communication with slave1 and next 50 msec with slave2.If any module fails master or slave I have to update the xbee module address in master or slave microcontroller code. How to avoid this. Please tell any technique is there.