How do I create a xubuntu desktop image to run from a SATA drive on a ConnectCore Wi-MX6?

Subject question says it all. I have the ConnectCore6 and have developed SDK applications to familiarize myself with the various I/O capabilities of the device. I have installed the SATA connector but have not tried to use it yet. For educational purposes, I would like to run the Xubuntu desktop on it because of my familiarity with that environment. I see where information is available for doing this on other NXP i.MX6 boards but not for the ConnectCore. Are there resources available to enable me to easily do this?

Are you familiar with this project:

I had seen that. Perhaps in my ignorance, it looked like that was a way of booting an ubuntu-based root file system which would produce a console-type user interface on the ConnectCore similar to the digiembeddedyocto2.6 image that I had previously installed. It would not have the graphical user interface I wanted. However, being Ubuntu, then could I put that on a SATA drive, and use the apt-get function to add on the desktop necessary to get what I want?