How do I debug this PG&E problem?

I have a ConnectPort X2e SE that I was using to gather data from my PG&E smart meter for a good portion of last year. Worked more or less great (my only real complaint was I wasn’t getting things like pricing info, which supposedly I should have been able to get, but no big deal) for a good long while.

Starting late last year, I stopped getting data from the meter, and PG&E’s streaming data webpage shows me as being not connected to the meter. PG&E did a few things on their end to try to fix things, to no avail. Eventually, they suggested I factory reset my device and make sure I have the latest firmware, which I did, with no luck reconnecting.

At that point they gave up and said “go talk to the manufacturer”. So here I am.

How can I debug this problem? The X2e seems to have very little available for figuring out what’s actually going on here. Can anyone help?

Does you local software show that the X2 and the Meter are connected?

What are you defining as “local software,” in this context?

I’ve had the X2e feeding devicecloud, and just pulling the data off of there. The X2e is obviously not feeding data at this point. I’m not actually sure what I should be looking at to tell whether the X2e itself thinks that it’s connected (since I no longer have a working one to compare to).

I do seem to recall that I could browse the available data blocks somewhere in devicecloud once I was connected to PG&E’s meter, though, and I don’t seem to be able to do that anywhere now, so I’m assuming that I’m truly not connected.

I just don’t know why, or how to debug it (or provide PG&E with the info they need to debug their end)

What I would suggest is you issue a command from the device cloud that query the active end points and see if the meter is listed or not.

Where and what should I be looking at, specifically? Since I don’t have a working unit to compare to, I can only guess at what the right things to send are (I’m guessing maybe get_join_status?) and what a good or bad response should look like (though I can probably guess if I know which things in specific should have data)

Do you have a device cloud account?