How do I disable a serial port on the ConnectPort LTS 32

I need to disable a serial port on a ConnectPort LTS 32 to plug a security hole but I have been unable to find anything in either the command line or the web interface to do this. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

You can turn off ports/sockets via the ‘set service’ command via the LTS command line:
#> set service ?

Thanks for your reply ronk. I think, however, that the set service command is to set network services parameters, rather than the physical port. I am looking to disable a physical port. Any ideas?

No I do mean ‘set service’. This allows you to close specific sockets per port. There is no general disable of port. But you can close all services allowed for the port.

Maybe we should be more specific. Exactly what socket(s) do you need closed?

I need to close all services on that physical port so as to effectively disable it.

If I do the “show service range=1-270” command I get the following for port 32, which is the one I need to disable:

263 off 2032 off off 200 Telnet Server(Port 32)
264 off 2132 off off 200 TCP Server(Port 32)
265 off 2132 off off 200 UDP Server(Port 32)
266 on 2532 off off 200 SSH Server(Port 32)
267 off 2632 off off 200 Secure Socket Service(Port 32)
268 off 50032 off off 200 Modem Emulation(Port 32)
269 off none none none none RealPort Service(Port 1)
270 off none none none none LPD(Port 1)

Evidently only SSH is active on this port (service 266) so is it simply a case of doing something like the following to disable it:

set service range=266 state=off