PortServer TS16 Running Services and Associated network ports

I am logged into the digi with SSH and run the following command with the results below;

#> show service

indx name service port
1 ftp tcp 21
2 telnet tcp 23
3 smtp tcp 25
4 nntp tcp 119
5 login tcp 513
6 shell tcp 514
7 tftp udp 69

Since I am logged in with SSH it is odd that I don’t see SSH in this list of services/ports. Also I am trying to determine why FTP, NNTP, LOGIN, SHELL and TFTP are necessary.

I have submitted a ticket with Digi but they have not responded yet.

I assume shell 514 is something to do with syslog but typically it is UDP and not TCP so that is confusing.

Due to some government regulations we are under we need to disable unnecessary ports and the reason I am posting this message. If I can’t disable I at least need to justify why these services/ports are there.


The “set service” has nothing to do with IP port security. It is used for bringing up PPP connections over the serial port and used with the “set filter” command. Very misleading.

The command you would be interested in is “set secureaccess”.