How do I perform voltage to temperature conversion using BL4S150 and Dynamic C?

I would like to use a TMP36 solid state sensor and convert the voltage readings to degrees in Dynamic C.

Thanks for any advice.


what type of input will you provide from the TMP36 to the rabbit micro?

I will read between 0 - 5 volts dc depending on temperature read by the TMP36. I will connect the TMP36 output to an analog input on my rabbit.

As an afterthought, I could echo the output’s voltage reading to an xml file and then do the conversion with visual basic on my windows pc.

I monitor voltages ot several remote sites and would like to also monitor temperatures in the cabinet and in the battery boxes with my rabbit microcontrollers.

I have several TMP36’s salvaged from surplus equipment and have the datasheets for those devices as well.
I don’t know if I could directly read a type J thermocouple with the rabbit, but that would be another approach to consider.


The TMP36 has a linear response curve with 10mV per Degree C and 100 mV = -40 Deg C, 750 mV = 25 Deg C.

If you measure the input voltage in mV you can convert that to degrees C by subtracting 100, dividing by 10 and subtracting 40.

e.g 750 - 100 = 650, divide by 10 and subtract 40 to get 25 Deg C.