How do I read the I/O pins of a local (not remote) XBee 900HP through its serial port using API?

I have two remote XBees controlled via Arduino shields and a local XBee connected to a laptop via its serial port using an XBee /USB interface board. I can successfully read the serial ports of the remote XBees from the laptop through the local XBee connected to it but I also would like to use use a couple of the digital I/O pins of the local XBee to read configuration switches.
I don’t know how to use API commands to read the local XBee pins.

You need to issue a local IS command via the local AT command API interface.

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Thanks mvut. I should have read the manual more carefully!

could you give me more details? I’m with the same problem. I have 2 xbees, one is the coordinator on API mode and the another one is End Decide. I can successfully send commands for the another one and get reading but when I try to read pins from my coordinator (local module) passing its address it doesn’t work. Which is the correct address to read on local module or the correct way?

That would be the type 0x08 API frame for a local AT command.

thanks for your help!

I sent a IS command in XCTU but I didn’t received the response with the pins’ data:

AT Command Response (API 1)
7E 00 05 88 01 49 53 00 DA

Start delimiter: 7E
Length: 00 05 (5)
Frame type: 88 (AT Command Response)
Frame ID: 01 (1)
AT Command: 49 53 (IS)
Status: 00 (Status OK)
Checksum: DA

What I need to do?