Sending Remote AT Commands to Endpoints / Cluster IDs


i would like to use xBee End Devices in an environment with none xBee coordinators and routers. For this i am looking for an alternative to the Remote AT Commands. Especially i am interested at setting and reading the status of xbee’s digital io ports.

Is there a way to do send remote AT commands to a end device over endpoints and cluster IDs? What would a Px or PR command look like?

Thanks a lot.


You didn’t say which XBee technology you use, so I assume ZigBee.

Make sure you carefully understand the ‘rules’ of end-devices. Will these sleep? If not, (my suggestion) is never use end-device firmware unless you want sleeping behavior or have a huge number of nodes. end-devices do not mesh, they talk to a single parent in an old-fashioned ‘hub’ design, and the parent must be a coordinator or router. Therefore a design with 100% end-devices can’t function.

Since you wish to send commands, I assume you will have at least one coordinator, which is actually a router and can handle at most 10 end-devices.

Sending remote AT commands is trivial if your node runs in API mode - it is frame type 0x17. But can be a huge headache if you try to tun in AT mode.

Also remember if your nodes sleep, ‘polling them’ will be a nightmare long-term. It is better to use the IR/IC settings to have the nodes wake & report the pins. If they are always awake, then you can poll using the various “D” commands like D1, D2, etc.

PR is a pullup setting command, so not useful in your situation.

Hi Lynn,

first of all thanks to your answer.

Indeed i am using ZigBee technology. Actually we are using a pure XBee environment (1 Coordinator and multiple end devices) and are using the Remote AT commands (frame type 0x17) for our application.

Unfortunately we will have to change the coordinator to a non XBee device for different reasons but would like to reuse our EndDevices. For this we need an alternative for accessing the IOs. I am thinking of a solution using Explicit Addressing of an endpoint and a ClusterId instead (like the echo cluster for example).


Okay, that makes sense.

So your real question is “assuming my host-access to the collection of Xbee is via a non-Digi ZigBee node, how can I read the XBee’s I/O pin status via pure ZigBee RF frames & addressing?”

I’ll see if I can find the answer.

I’m working with xbee series 2, Connectport x4 and Digi Espe where I can program with python language. I realize I can read the Xbee’s I/O pin status because I need to connect a ph sensor in the analog pin Can I make this?? I have been running some programs and actually I can make discovery all device connected using xbee module. Please tell me how can I read this pins and what module in python can be usefull??

Check this out. The following link would help you.

hello… thanks for this suggest but I have other question… If I don’t have the sensor_io or sensor adapter can I read the pins state?? because I thought I can connect from a industrial sensor of ph level to a analog port of xbee because I can see in the xbee’s settings enable the format ADC. Do you know somethink about it?? please help me…


The AT command IS would work fine for that.

Then use ParseIS object, it will return the values in the dictionary format.

Check this out

Perfect!! Finally I can read the analog output of xbee pro and series 2 with addo_get_parameters and addo_set parameters in broadcast in my console show the value the analog pin. I am working all examples from digi ESP. I can realize you have worked with this devices Where are you work? or what is your project? Please now I need to organize my network us Mesh Network . Do you know how set or where? I don’t have any router in my network but I need to set of this way.

It seems your this new query should be put as a new thread. And also explain in the new thread that how you want to arrange your network and what is your application.

Thankss… I invite you to visit my thread named How to set up router device to work in mesh network… if you know something about that please tell me…

I had the same problem and solved it (sending AT commands from non-XBee device). See this blog post:

I know I can read the XBee’s I / O pins of the state, because I need the pH sensor connected to analog pin, I can do? ? I’ve been running some programs, I can find all the devices connected to use of the XBee module.