Reading a IO pin from xbeepro s2b

Im using two xbeepro s2b one loaded with coordinator AT firmware and other with End nodeAT firmware. Im trying to read the status of the D0 pin of the end node and transmit the status to the coordinator.
i tried the example on

in that example they configure the ATMY but in my module i couldnot write ATMY it is readonly

The ATIR the example shows 14 hex value but in my module the minimum value i can load to ATIR is 32 hex

They have mentioned that the the transmitter’s address should be set as the receiver’s I/O input address setting (ATIA) but in my case i could not read or write ATIA.

Please help me out to get the status of the pin and transmit to the cordinator

hope you understand the problem

That example you are referring to is for an XBee 802.15.4 module and network which you are NOT working with. You are using a Zigbee Mesh enabled product. For that, your coordinator will need to be in API mode. (Coordinator API firmware installed) and your End device will need to have either the IC parameter or the IR value set.

thanks a lot mvut your answer was so apt. i did my coordinator as api and the end node with at firmware and enabled the IR and i got the samples in the cordinator. And have some basic questions on api mode.

  1. how to get the db value of the end node AT device in the coordinator(API) along with sample data received.
    2.What is the maximum number of nodes that can be connected for a
    single coordinator api.

The API frames do not include the DB value. You need to query that with a local ATDB command (can be issued via API as well).

The max number should be about 10 but you can very that by checking the NC command.