How do I select the router role in the OS X client?

I’m trying to change the role of my xbee series 1 from end point to coordinator, but I do not have the option in my firm wear choices:

I’m also at a loss for how to change it from 802 mode to wifi, API, AT, ect.

All the tutorials out there on the web all show the Window’s client interface, and I just can’t find out how to do all of these on the mac client.

Please help :slight_smile:

The version of the firmware you are using on that module right now is the 802.15.4 Peer to peer, point to point, point to multi-point code. Repeater mode is only use or available in the Mesh based firmware versions such as the DM (Digi Mesh) or Z7 (ZIgBee).

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Thanks. I was able to get ahold of support and they informed me of the same thing.