How can I configure an Series 1 Xbee to act as a Router between End Devices and a Coordinator?


That is not possible. In the 802.15.4 protocol there are only two roles: coordinator and end device.

If you want to have routers, you should use other protocol like ZigBee (XBee Series 2).


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You can’t. The 802.15.4 protocol that the S1 uses does not support data forwarding or routing.

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I have Xbee2 LTH Sensor. Can I configure it as a router?

Hello to everyone.
What are the differences between the coordinator and the last point in the Serial 1 Xbee device?

I communicate by giving myID on both devices, but that did not make sense to me. I want to communicate with myID via coordinator routing without using MAC addresses.

how do I configure it?
I want to set up a network with 2 coordinators 10 endpoints.

can you help me please?