How do we adjust power for XBee XB24 1mW?

Specs found on says: Adjustable Power Yes

How do we do that?


You can change the transmit power of your XBee radio using the PL command.
In the serial interface go into command mode by typing +++
you should get OK as a response
then type ATPL 4 to get the default 1mW (0dBm)
then type ATWR to write those changes to the XBee.
On the regular XB24 the following are the power levels.
ATPL 0 = -10 dBm = 0.1mW
ATPL 1 = -6 dBm = 0.25mW
ATPL 2 = -4 dBm = 0.4mW
ATPL 3 = -2 dBm = 0.6mW
ATPL 4 = 0 dBm = 1mW