How does external processor talk to nodes?

If the XBees have not formed a network how would the “external processor” connect to each module to poll the AI parameter? I ask because if you can poll (assuming remote AT command if running in API mode) then can you can have a network of XBee modules that do not have a coordinator but can communicate using remote AT calls?

What is the “external processor” that you are referring to?

My question was in reference to the answer given by mvut(link to original included in my question)

mvut said “Now in your idea, an external processor could poll the radios AI parameter to see if it has associated or not. If it has not associated, you could then set the CE parameter enabling the Coordinator function. Then simply poll the AI parameter again till the module has successfully stated (AI0x00). Your other nodes would then be allowed to Join the New Coordinator thus forming a network.”

It is this external processor that mvut referes to I was questioning. How if a network is not formed can you poll the devices to see if they are associated?

Thank you

He’s saying that a microprocessor, that is connected to the radio, could perform local AT commands. He’s not talking about sending remote AT commands through the network.

Ok that makes more sense. So each radio in the set would have to have a processor attached that is polling the radio settings and if it is not part of a network it would set that unit to the controller and wait to see if it establishes the network.