Point to point when coordinator is not around


From reading various posts somehow related to my question, it appears that it is valid to do the following with 3 xbee series 2 radios:

  • Establish a network with one coordinator.
  • Have 2 routers or end devices join that network.
  • have these 2 devices send messages to each other.
  • unplug the coordinator.
  • The two end devices can still communicate on the same network.

Is that so? Does this survive power cycles? i.e., will they both be able to re-join this network without the coordinator being present at any tme, and talk to each others again?

And then when the coordinator is back, the network resumes as a complete zigbee network?


Did it work? Have you tried it?

It works well until I unplug the module.

I unplug the coordinator: router A (sender) continues to send data to router B (receiver) successfully.

I unplug the receiving router B, and replug it: router B resumes receiving data from router A.

I unplug the sending router A, and replug it: router B does not receive data anymore.

I replug coordinator: all is back to normal.

Reading manual now to see if I am missing a setting somewhere.

I unplug the sending router A, and replug it: router B does not receive data anymore
yea, that should be how it’s suppose to work. Router A looks for an available network to join 1st, before being assigned by the Coordinator to a DH, DL parameter value to it’s radio settings. Then again, did you try to read the radio settings after replugging router A?

I am reading it now while it is in that state but unsure what to look for.

Ok, it all works as I wanted it to work. Both routers can talk to each others without any coordinator, and that survives power cycles.

My problem was caused by a bad setting on router A, the sender. It had the JV (channel verification) set to 1, which requires the coordinator to be on the network. Setting to the default 0 fixed my problem.