Xbee S2 Pro network without Coordinator?

What happens when I try to send messages between Xbee S2 Pros configured as routers without a coordinator? Will that result in a point to point connection without hops (that is what I’m trying to achieve)?

Thanks for any answers.

No it will not. In order to form a network and allow data to flow, you must have a coordinator in a Zigbee network. It is a requirement.

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Hmm I tried starting three Xbee routers without a coordinator and they communicated without hopping… But if it is undefined behaviour as your answer may imply, than I cannot rely on it.

That would tell me that at one point, at least one of the routers was with in range of a coordinator so that it could associate. At that point, as long as you don’t have the Watchdog timeout enabled and don’t issue a network reset, you could take that router away form the Coordinator and allow other routers to associate with it. That is the ONLY reason why that worked. If you had the NW enabled, encryption enabled with specific functions or change the KY or issued an network reset, it would no longer function.

I think you have described the situation precisely. We have probably forgotten to restart one of the routers in our tests. Thank you.