Can an end node communicate with multiple coordinators?

Hi all,

I am working on building a network of sensors using zigbees, where the end nodes are mobile and will travel to multiple locations (over 5 km apart).

The question is will it be possible to get the end nodes to automatically switch from talking to coordinator A (location A) to talking with coordinator B once the end nodes reach location B?


It’s definitely possible. It will work if the 2 networks are completely out of range of each other, both networks have the same PAN ID, and the coordinators for the two different networks have the same MY address. The coordinators will be in broadcast mode anyway, and the end devices will just be addressed to the coordinator(s).

Then once the end device loses connection to one coordinator, it will be picked up by the other coordinator’s network and the addressing settings will still match.

What specific radios are you using? Different wireless protocols will have different settings for connecting to new networks.

Thanks for the reply! I’m new to zigbees so I have a lot to learn…
I am using xbee s1 modules for testing at the moment, but may be switching to CC2530 chips. Is there a big difference between the protocols?

I’m not familiar with CC2530 chips, but a quick google search has led me to believe that they use Zigbee mesh protocol, the same as Digi’s S2/S2B/S2C line. The S1 line uses point to multipoint protocol. Both protocols function on the 2.4 GHz frequency.

Depending on your usage, one or the other may work best for you. Just look up mesh network vs point to multipoint.

One other thing to note is that the CC2530 supports RF4CE protocol if that’s what you’re wanting to use. The other thing to consider is the difficulty of configuring the radio. I’m not familiar with the CC2530, but the addition of a microcontroller will definitely add more steps in order to be able to interact with the radio.