How many PWM does Znet 2.5 have?

I am a student and new to Xbee device.

I am thinking about to buy 3 Znet 2.5 XB24-B modules. I will use one of them as a coordinator, and the others as end devices. I will use a usb explorer to connect coordinator to a computer and the others on two small robots (which will have NOT microcontrollers) I am planning to use this xbee’s PWMs to actuate the robots(which has got two small dc motors). Consequently I need two PWM’s on one of the module which is very important to me.

In a product manual,(by the way the manuals are very complex) I saw that pin6 can be used as RSSI PWM timer. I do not completely understand what RSSI means. Can we change its duty cycle by RSSI?.Also can pin 7 be used as PWM ? If it can, how do we use that?

Also can I use DigiMesh 2.4 modules?

Sorry for my bad english. If you help, I will be very glad.