how reinstall Digi One RealPort driver on AIX

hello everyone

I have a IBM box run on AIX 4.2 with 4 Digi One RealPort connected
but one of those it’s not worked any more
i can ping IP from server and reversed but any devices on this digi not run at all

so, I thought the driver it broken i need to reinstall it on server

anyone who can guide me or give a suggestions how can i reinstall the digi driver on server (AIX) without hash or crack system

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Not sure if this is the proper forum, however there is a knowledge base article for this at:

Very true support.wizard, so this thread has been moved to a more appropriate forum.

thank you very much all you guys

hello all

with my situation (problem about)
without reinstall driver for it
all you guy known any ways else can be solve it

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Currently, i can login into digi divice for config with port #1 and form here i can ping any IP on my network
and from server (AIX) I can ping the IP of digi device too. But when i connect it back to normal on network system it does not work (any devices connect on digi device completely death)

any helps or suggestions wil be appreciated

Are you able to telnet to the 771 socket from the AIX host?

telnet (IP_of_Digi) 771

Also, is the sa device showing as available on AIX?

lsdev -Cc nts

If you look in the monitor utility, what status is shown for the unit (available in current driver versions)?


Any errors shown in errpt -a?