How to activate the Bootloader in XTend

Hello Everybody,

Recently I got from my colleague 4 modules XTend that were supposed to be Damaged, but I found that two of them were in bootloader mode when trying to write an old configuration. [:D]

[:-/] Does any body know how this can happen? I mean is there any pin configuration and power supply that will make the module to go on bootloader mode?

I still have other 2 modules that I dont know the baudrate, I think if I put them in bootloader then I can SET all the values again isnt?

Well this is the screen I found on my last succesfull recovery.


Hi Luna,

The bootloader uses 9600 baud and non-API mode. If you set XCTU to this (XCTU -> PC Settings), you should be able to write new firmware or settings to the modules. Assuming they are not damaged.


Hello Keith,

Thanks for the answer, on the other 2 digi modules that I could reconfigure I was using the X-CTU at 9k6 and non-API mode.

But the modules were in bootloader already, I still dont know how they came into that mode. [:-/]

I am wondering if there is a jumper connection or pin setting voltage that can be done when powering the module to send ANY XTend module directly to bootloader?


good question. I’m not sure on that one. YOu might want to contact tech support.