how to check in a program whether zigbbe has changed from idle mode to transparent mode and then to transparent mode

hai all,

i am doing a zigbee interface application were i have interfaced one zigbee coordinator to a microcontrooler which will work as a master section and the other zigbee as a endpoint to another microcontroller section which will work as a slave.

i have configured master section in a transmitting mode , so that when slave section( which is in receiving mode) comes in range it transmits the data in it. this part is ok.
now i am stuck in a section wen the range cuts how will the master know or how to program the master.

i am using an ARM microcontroller. and xbee series 1 module pair

or is there any other way to program this

Hi,if it is possible,u can check the “ATAI” or “ATND” before every packet of data,but the speed…

i checked the command ATAI for checking. when both the zigbbe are powered ATAI gives 0, but when i switch of one of the xbee the result of ATAI is still 0, BUT IT SHOULD BE OTHER VALUES

try ATND.I tried ATND yesterday,when enddevice run into sleep mode,coordinator will not find it

Well, most ‘active radio id-tags’ just repeat a message every few seconds forwever. For example at my desk I have a small battery tag which sends its code every 2 seconds. So the ‘master’ node detects a FIRST message when none have seen for a long time as “the node has arrived”.

Then the master needs to run a timer - for example 2 minutes. Assuming your device repeats the message every 2 seconds (or 5, 15 etc - up to you), then the Master detects the node has left because it no longer sees new messages. Or said anotehr way, each new message resets the timer, so teh timer only expires when the devcie is out of range.