how to check the seller-node?

Hello to everybody!

I have two modules XBee Pro 900HP S3B,
and am triing to make a simple network with two nodes:
seller and reciever (within one room).

My steps:

  1. I loaded the firmware 8071 in module1(seller), set role “STANDARD ROUTER”,
    network ID = 1234, NI=comp1, Dl and DH - equal to SL and SH of module2

  2. I inserted module1 in IO Shield and then in Arduino UNO, which was earlier
    loaded with sketch, sending time 1 time per second. (Yellow Led on Arduino
    was blinking 1 time per second, then only little yellow “TX” was blinking on card
    IO Shield 1 time per second.) All this construction is connected to computer 1.

  3. I loaded the firmware 8071 in module2(reciever), set role “STANDARD ROUTER”,
    network ID = 1234, NI=comp2. I have connected the module2 to computer 2.

Is it enough to see data from module1 in “Terminal”-window?
I see nothing. (When I type “+++”, I see “OK”.)
When I press to “Digi Device Discovery”, I see “No devices found”.

What I did wrong?

Is blinking of “TX” the proof that seller works?
How I can be sure that seller works?


The Digi device discovery is for our Ethernet based products only.

Try enabling API mode and then doing a Discover Nodes in XCTU. You should see both of them discovered.