XBee: node discovery doesn't work properly

I have a pcduino board with a XBee module plugged on it. This is the coordinator. I have 2 others Arduino boards with a XBee module on both. These boards are Routers.

The XBee configuration is :

  • API mode
  • PAN ID = 0
  • DH = 0
  • DL = FFFF for Coordinator and = 0 for Routers

It’s XBee serie2 (S2).

When I run a NODE DISCOVERY from my pcduino, I get back just the information about the XBee on this pcduino ! I don’t know why both other XBee Routers don’t send anything ?

Then, I tested with X-CTU tool, and it’s the same behavior : when I start the NODE DISCOVERY (scan radio module network button), no XBee routers is found…

Have you got some ideas ?

Thank you very much guys

Sounds like your routers are not associated to the Coordinator. Try setting the SC back to 7FFE on all three and then issue an ATNR0 on both routers.