Discovery of Programmable XBee Endpoints

I must be missing something but I have two programmable XBees plugged into the dev boards and they aren’t being discovered by my coordinator (plugged into the computer). If I do “discover” through the network page on the X-CTU, I just get the coordinator back in the list. However, I’ve loaded the remote “knight rider” program on both XBees so I know they’re coordinating successfully. Shouldn’t they show up in discovery? I also have one of the boards hooked up to the multilink and i’m watching packets but not seeing any :(.



I don’t know why but I could only discover other modules using a router. I can see all modules thought it

Hello jeffhaynes,

I guess you are using router firmware in the radio. Try updating to the latest version and try also changing the JV (Channel Verification) setting from 0 (default) to 1 in the X-CTU Modem Configuration of your routers.